Seasonal Wardrobe Changes

Seasonal Wardrobe Changes

With the changing of the season, setting back time and darkness setting in quicker the air becomes cooler and we are all shifting to pull out our fall/winter gear mixing in it with the last of our favorite summer garments. 

What are you hanging on to that you just can’t put away? Or are you excited about Fall and completely ready for sweater weather dressing and booted down already?

I used to mourn the day I had to put my feet in closed shoes and would wear open toe shoes + sandals well into December!  But aging gracefully, going with the flow of my body and the seasonal changes have changed the playing field. 

I now look forward to Fall dressing and fully embrace sweater weather dressing…Spring / Summer will always remain my all time favorite time of year!  After all I am A May baby thru and thru! 

I’d love to hear your take on this topic and your seasonal changes plus your take on sweater weather dressing! 

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