Twist And Turns Of Life

Twist And Turns Of Life

I learned to crochet as a vey young child and the twisting turning of the yarn, the unlimited colors and textures going thru my hands always took me to a special place. Allowing me to relax and be one, just go with the flow, while creating something beautiful and useful at the same time.  Now that is God!

I just thought of how determined you must be, patient and willing to try again and again and then some more to get what you visioned right…Now that sounds like soul satisfaction to me. The All Mighty at work! 

There have been many people who’ve taken the time to sit with me and teach me, seasoning my pot of life from all ages and walks of life like the lil old Italian ladies who mean mugged everyone,  but let this lil curious brow skin girl with long braids sit in the sun and learn a new stitch or two. I learned from a girl at my aunts college when I went to visit her and never stopped …so meeting like minded creatives along the way opened new doors and erased my shyness of meeting new people and being in unfamiliar places

. Look at God serving grace and teaching lessons thru a needle and string!  Even my 1st boyfriend’s mom taught me how to crochet and she was left handed, French Canadian so pretty and kind!   My mom and her twin crocheted too and I am sure I learned from them in the womb, because I do not remember crocheting with them but yarn was always around me.

Yarn is pretty, it can be deep plus soft and warm. Or thin and shiny, rough and strong…it is what you choose to do with the string of life you have been given. Your gift to play with shape and form as you please …much like your life!

 It can last you a very long time and be the most beautiful thing ever, your absolute favorite and then become worn out or forgotten and set aside. I am thoughtful as I crochet and of whom I am designing for …sometimes just mindful of the yarn between my fingers moving along trusting the process to create something fabulous because I have big dreams! Follow your dreams no matter what anyone else thinks! 

I am learning to really appreciate me, explore me in ways I have not before moving in my new found strength as the circle of life and death dance around us everyday. I admire people like my neighbor in her late 80’s and my mom who’ve made a great way for themselves and we’re very independent now winding down to a different way of life. I am ever grateful to learn and grow using all I’ve learned even working thru the tangles and knots to find a smooth path much like life, much like being a fiber artist working on my first maxi sweater coat for my sister from another mother. 

You are never ever too old to learn something new🍃

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