Your Life, Your Story, Your Reflections

Your Life, Your Story, Your Reflections

Your life manifest itself in the things you do, the places you go and the people you attract in your life.

Which is why I probably enjoy working with old jeans and creating beautiful items to be worn, used & loved out of my old favorite jeans or someone else’s…

They have history, provided comfort and more then likely fit really well while making the wearer look great at some point and time + were valued…All the qualities I love! Take for instance this patchwork skirt I designed for a client who saw my unique custom recycled designs and wanted one of her own.

Each patch tells a story whether it was her own or a previous owners. The process of the original jeans themselves, the company’s vision plus the hands of each garment worker who were involved in the development of the fabric, to the packaging development, label designs and shipping…there is a story all before you or someone else goes to a store site to buy and wear a pair of jeans.

Much like our lives, we each have a story with an intricate well traveled journey and it is my honor and pleasure to be able to create something beautiful to continue the storyline as a fiber artist. 

I’ve been helping my elderly neighbor clear out her beloved home of over 50+ years and seeing so many things from her past, some familiar bringing forth pleasant memories while introducing me to many new things as while. I could not help but reflect on my own life, my journey this far and how one day my family, friends or neighbor will be doing the same for me. 

Be Kind, Be A Light & Be A Blessing 🍃

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